"I wanted to let you guys know that you've made my night so much better at work. The only problem is, I think a few people think I'm insane now when I start laughing hysterically out of nowhere."
- Zarena

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November 23rd, 2010

Taverncast Reborn #7

The Sweet Skinny on Harassment

Listen to the show:

Happy Thanksgiving!

When you're done eating turkey, enjoy a brand new Taverncast:

  • we try out a Kosher ice cream and alcohol drink from Mike's college days - Hava Nagilah!
  • a guilt ridden discussion on weight loss (sure to hit a chord on Thanksgiving day, lol)
  • we let loose on the TSA and airport security
  • and Bill and the cast throw around our history with prank phone calls!

It's a cornucopia of random - and classic TC! Including our special guest - Infernal Jill herself: Nicole!

Mana shake wine
Wine? On Taverncast? That will never do... how can we pervert it?
Mana shake wine
Nothing like a mixer in the midst of electronic equipment... what could possibly go wrong?
Mana shake wine
Ah... much better.


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