"A fun romp through casual subjects, with just enough substance to get some value out of it all…the conversations sound like just the things to say and do over a set of drinks.  I frequently find myself wanting to inject comments into the discussion.  I can’t ask for much more from a bunch of friends. "
Gousha on iTunes

Unsure about what a podcast is? Think of it as an internet radio show- except one that you can download and listen to whenever you want! Most listeners use podcast software like iTunes to automatically download new shows when they come out, and put them on their ipod or other portable mp3 players.

To listen to Taverncast, use the following URL with your favorite podcast software - or listen to us on iTunes.

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If you don't have podcast software, you can always get our latest shows from (link)the archives. The shows are standard MP3 files that you can play on just about anything.